Cover Music: Remaking Great Work.

Cover music isn’t anything new to us. Though it may seem quite unfair to just feed off someone’s hard work and just make little modifications (or sometimes none at all), some artists make covers that sound like totally new material. Or at least they try.

In my view, it takes great skill and mighty work to remake music that is already good and even make it sound as good or better than the original. Sometimes, we see covers become as popular as the originals. In not too rare cases, some covers have been even more popular than the original songs.

Quite recently, I fell ill and spent a lot of time in the hospital. I spent all that time in my sick bed, doing absolutely nothing but listening to music. And being the restless person that I am, I created a playlist of all the cover music I have. It ranged from pop to rap, afro beat to electro. Out of this I picked my 10 favourite covers of my favourite songs. I’ve listened to different covers of these songs, if any, and these are the ones that please me most.

1. You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Michael Bublé (Original by Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett)

2. No One Knows Tomorrow – Paapa (Original by Asa)

3. Titanium (Pitch Perfect cover) – Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow (Original by David Guetta ft Sia)

4. Heaven – Boyce Avenue ft Megan Nicole (Original by Bryan Adams)

5. Angel – Westlife (Original by Sarah McLachlan)

6. Islands In The Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers (Original by The Bee Gees)

7. Feeling Good – Michael Bublé (Original by Cy Grant)

8. Mary Did You Know – Cee Lo Green (Original by Mark Lowry and Buddy Green)

9. It’s My Life/Confessions (Glee cover) – New Direction Boys (Original by Bon Jovi/Usher)

10. Just The Two Of Us – Will Smith (Original by Bill Withers)

Give them a good listen and thank me later. But like I always say, music is subject to preference and what may move me, may barely make you twitch.



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