The Art Of Wooing Afia Yesu

I had a good laugh.


The first time I saw Afia I was eating kelewele. I told myself it was a sign from above to see a beautiful girl just when I was eating my favourite snack in the whole world. I completely forgot there was food in my mouth; I just gawped at her, my eyes widening.

Kwasea! Haven’t you seen a girl before?” Osho kicked me, and the rest of the boys burst out into raucous laughter.

We were sitting behind Mante’s lotto kiosk. The small area had been dubbed “The Base”. All the area boys came there every night. The Base was some sort of local fleshpot for the boys. They did everything there, from smoking to drinking pito and palm wine and beer stolen from under their father’s beds. And of course any girl who dared pass there would either be jeered at or cheered at. In fact…

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