Dear Diary…


Where do I start? My last post was exactly a year and four days ago. Not that I haven’t written anything in between. That isn’t the matter at all. In fact I’ve written a few articles for a small number of websites and a magazine. I just can’t bring myself to posting here. I don’t, no, can’t call it a block because within those twelve months of my last post, I wrote five different stories and articles.

But then it hit me, I have taken a big detour from why I started writing in the first place; writing to express my opinion. I finally realised I had started writing for likes and reposts. Something was against. The articles I wrote, and fortunately didn’t post, are a far cry from “That Thing Called Friend Zone” (my first and truest* work). These latter writings were only to impress people. I had become the writer I had been speaking against. The ones always seeking approval.

Quite recently, I’ve been inspired by small time writers like myself, to get back to my former style and write what “the spirit” moves me to. Hopefully, I won’t drop into the deep darkness of “trying too hard” again. But before I sign off, let me push you into writing what is on your heart and mind to write. Trust me, it’s much more satisfying than trying to get a thumbs up from others. At least that way, you know you spoke your mind at least. A couple of times you may be wrong, but are we not all human. It’s up to us to learn from and correct our mistakes.

So… Enjoy what you write. Don’t think too much about people’s thoughts. If you keep getting the same comments about your writing, take a step back and reevaluate your writing.

And it’s good to be back. I miss you, WordPress! Thank you PG and KNY.

*truest here is subjective. It is what I actually felt that I wrote down that day.


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