That Thing Called “Friend Zone”

Dear Reader,
  The original post was made on the 28th of December, 2012. However, someway, somehow, it vanished from WordPress. So I’m posting it again (with some minor changes).

“Bestie” “BFF”….. need I go on? You know all too well what these things mean. Especially when a girl (you probably have been eying for a while) says it to you. To you, I may seem very unfit to talk on such a matter but trust me I’m a veteran of the “Friend Zone”. With about five years of good experience ;-).

Someone (who I’m sure wouldn’t want to be named) said to me “ee be like ee be some new vaccine against boys.” I could not stop laughing. And he is probably right. However, there’s a “breed” of boys that are proving quite resilient to the basic elements and methods of Friend Zoning. So girls have sought more advanced and sophisticated means of putting boys in zones, thicker and more difficult to escape. For instance, there’s the new maximum security “Daddy Zone” and the even newer, airtight “Grandpa Zone”. El Chapo sef no go fit run. If a girl puts you in the former, then your chances with her are close to nil. If she puts you in the latter… Let’s just say forget it.

But don’t be discouraged, the Friend Zone is not all that bad. In this zone you’re not obliged to do certain things that turn out to be quite a bother in a relationship. Also helps you save your already inadequate pocket.
1. Like always texting and calling her. She doesn’t expect you to call, so not calling her doesn’t put you in anybody’s bad books.
2. You don’t need to get her gifts. Yes! You get to keep all that money.
3. You don’t need to take her out. (Unless you think taking her out would set the mood right for something to happen).
4. You may be avoiding a very topsy turvy emotional roller coaster. Being in a relationship isn’t as easy as it may seem.

So remember, remember, while you are basking in the ambience of the Friend Zone, you could be doing yourself more good than you may think.


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