It is sad and very embarrassing that the University of Ghana, the nation’s premier university actually allowed for a statue of Mahatma Gandhi to be erected in the heart of the school. There are so many things wrong with this action, it is hard to pick a starting point. Why should we honour our enemies? Someone that called black people an inferior race. People! Emancipate your mind from this aggressive propaganda machine that seeks to pollute your mind with such filth and make angels out of demons.

Gandhi’s first notable action as a “civil rights leader” was to protest the apartheid South African government’s classification of Indians in South Africa as “Kaffir”. “Kaffir” is the South African equivalent of “nigger”. He argued that Indians were better than black people and the SA government should recognize that. He, otherwise, supported South Africa’s apartheid regime.

Gandhi also believed in the Indian caste system, which preached that all people were destined to remain in a certain group of people for the rest of their lives. This segregationist arrangement meant that you didn’t have the right to rise above the life you were born into. Just to touch on the ills of this system, the caste system, it legitimized slavery. They called a certain group of people “Dalits“, which roughly translates to mean “The Untouchables“, and they have been alienated and ostracized from society, with close to nil access to resources. For years the Indian economy has built on the backs, sweat and blood of these unfortunate folks. There are, till date, strong traces of this practice in the Indian society.

Dear University of Ghana, do you still want to honour such a man? Do you still hold such a man in high esteem? That statue of Gandhi MUST be brought down. For a university that has some of the best teachers of political and social science on the continent, I’m gravely disappointed.

Spread the word, #GandhiForComeDown!


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